Cartels slaughter Mexican military & police


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Photo credit National Post


War is hell. American troops have been entangled in the country’s longest war since 2001. While the defense industry continues its follies in the Middle East, conditions in America’s neighbor to the south, Mexico, warrants further consideration. The Beltway Bandit’s argument that America must protect Turkey’s border with roughly 1,000 American troops in Syria puts the situation into context.

This year Mexico is on track to surpass its own homicide record. The freedom fighters, aka cartels, have committed 23,063 grisly murders through August of this year compared to the roughly 17,000 killed in the Syria war thus far.

So, why are the beltway politicos bellyaching about leaving troops inside Syria while Mexico disintegrates on our border? Turkey, after all, has witnessed first hand the prolonged civil war with its neighbor to the south, Syria. With more than two million Syrian refugees already living in Turkey, the dictatorial Turkish ruler has embarked on a military battle to protect its borders from the PKK and YPG terrorists living and training in northern Syria.

Hmmm, does this scenario sound familiar? Wait a minute; America is also facing a major transnational crime threat from Mexico. Cartel violence has topped Syria’s death rate. So, why aren’t American lawmakers interested in the REAL war on America’s doorstep that has also forced millions of refugees into America? Are Syria lives more important than Mexicans, El Salvadorans, and Nicaraguans? And isn’t Mexico the US’s top trading partner?

If American lawmakers wake up from being woke, perhaps they could look into the drug cartel wars in Mexico and Central America that have reached across US borders to cities like LA, Chicago, Baltimore, and Phoenix.

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor explained that Syria is not more important than securing America’s border with Mexico. “The violence (29,000 dead last year and rising now) is on our doorstep and embedded in the immigrant population, illegal and sadly legal, from Central and South America (legal immigrants are being victimized by the same forces as illegal.) Building the border wall must be part of a defense that also involves serious surveillance and intelligence collection (of 6 Cartels) south of the border along with strict enforcement inside the USA,” Macgregor asserted.

“Note the high-quality military weapons in the hands of the Cartel Fighters that liberated El Chapo’s son from custody. Mexican military and police, like our own border police, are out-gunned by the well-equipped Cartels. We are in a war for the rule of law and the protection of American citizens and property. Time to put the US Army on the Mexican Border, not the Syrian Border,” he concluded.

The current violence in Mexico stems from the transfer of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to US custody, where he was promptly convicted of several drug trafficking offenses. That left a void in the continual turf war between Sinaloa, Los Zetas, and newcomers Jalisco New Generation cartels vying for “routes or corridors” to move illicit drugs north to America. Those drugs poison millions of Americans every year.

The latest brazen attacks in Mexico left 8 military troops dead while the Sinaloa cartel used military tactics and military-grade weapons to secure the release of El Chapo’s kid, Ovidio Guzman. The eight-hour siege encompassed the entire city of Culiacan and left local and federal officials little choice but to release the new face of the Sinaloa cartel.

In other words, Mexico caved to terrorists, and Mexican President López Obrador said he had no choice. “You can’t fight fire with fire … We don’t want deaths. We don’t want war,” he said. “With justice, we will guarantee peace and tranquility in the country. Many people were at risk, and it was decided to protect people’s lives. I agreed with that because we don’t do massacres, that’s over.”

Trying to curb the drugs flowing north, former DEA official Derek Maltz established a Counter Narco-Terrorism Operations Center that ensnared terrorist outfits like Hezbollah and its global money laundering ventures.

“The cartels are not just in America,” Maltz said. “They’ve completely enhanced their operations around the world,” Maltz explained that America is at risk if it continues its open border policies. “They’re using state of the art technology, they’re aligning themselves with these global, transnational criminals, they’re making billions of dollars, and we’re vulnerable.”

Make no mistake, Mexico’s capitulation has established a blueprint for future success. Mass violence has consequences, and in Mexico, the president may have opened the deadly door to allow transnational criminals to dictate whom they arrest and jail. It essentially set a new precedent.

As the carnage continues in Mexico, two scenarios are in play. First, Columbia’s drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s thirst for domination led to civilian and cartel murders, the bombing of government buildings, and the assassination of several judges trying to level justice for the barbaric drug kingpin.

The second scenario is not much better for the people in Mexico. The Mexican Revolution War lasted roughly 10 years. The battle was between the US and Mexican rebels, aka federals.

The US Army was stationed along the southern border and militarily engaged with Mexican rebels. However, the turning point in the war came when Pancho Villa attacked a border town in New Mexico. Army General John Pershing directed his troops to invade Mexico and capture Poncho Villa as well as his top lieutenants. Villa survived and escaped the army’s clutches, but his top two lieutenants weren’t as lucky and were killed. The US continued its battle with Mexico for another few years.

The 10-year war with our neighbor to the south finally ended with the Battle of Ambos Nogales. In the end, historians say 1-2 million people died over the 10-year war.

Adding insult to injury, many Democrat lawmakers are trying to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens under the mistaken belief the confiscation will protect the community at large. If this were to happen, the most likely outcome would be cartels stampeding into America, knowing its citizens are not armed and can’t stop their incursion. If you don’t think this can happen, wake-up, Mexican nationals are not allowed to own firearms, and its murder rate is the highest in the world!

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