The border remains insecure In Cali and Arizona

A recent check of hidden cameras in the Tucson, AZ sector revealed that smuggling traffic is on the rise.  Illegal immigrants appear to be carrying marijuana backpacks less frequently while small groups of smugglers wearing camouflage are carrying smaller packs. They are most likely bringing other drugs, like meth or fentanyl, due to the legalization of pot in a growing number of US states. A video clip recovered by American Border Magazine is linked here.

The security cameras are placed 10 miles north of the international boundary and require Border Patrol agents to drive approximately two-hours to reach the remote border boundary.  Agents consider it a no-brainer for smugglers to cross into the US unnoticed along these unmonitored desolate stretches.

In other reports, increased human smuggling and trafficking along the US/Mexico border highlighted more traffic in the last four months than all of 2017 combined.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, where the Honduran caravans are expected to cross into the country, increased signs of traffic have been documented.  One hidden camera captured increased nighttime activity with smugglers cutting through the chain link fence.

Border Patrol activity appears to be on the rise with the deployment of a Mobile Scope Unit, ATV and foot patrols.  Three historic crossing points showed signs of recent activity in the form of discarded items and more damaged fencing.  (Watch here)

Another video shows a suspected southbound guide at a chain-link security fence 50 feet north of the border.  The individual appears to be wearing camouflage clothing with no visible LE patches and no equipment of any kind.  According to security experts, they’re multiple smugglers on a daily basis.

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