Shadow government fights to preserve the “Establishment”

Quite frankly, I was astounded that President Trump won the election, not because his message did not resonate with voters, but because the “Establishment” has so much invested in the cronyism of Washington.

It is an irreconcilable oxymoron that our Capitol City, named to revere George Washington, who set the moral and ethical principles that have guided America for nearly 250 years, should become the hotbed of global corruption.

To many voters, Trump’s run represented an opportunity to break the cycle of corruption that the trillions of taxpayers’ dollars pose to the “Establishment.” While most Americans work hard to support their families and country, those entrusted to govern have used the US Treasury as their personal piggy bank, no offense to Miss Piggy.

The Trump movement gave the American heartland a reason to rise up against the entitlement states of California and New York and said enough; Get a job and pay your own bills.

But the “Establishment,” which overplayed its Hillary woman card, hoping to follow-up on the Barack Obama black card, miscalculated its control of the masses. Despite the crowds and under-polling, the “Establishment” was certain their worn-out candidate would win. They were wrong.

So now, with too many secrets to protect, the “Establishment” is preparing to offer and repackage the political messiah of Barack Obama in 2020.

After a stellar performance by Trump at his first address to the joint session of Congress, the opposition is so terrified that he will succeed in “Making America Great Again” and be re-elected that they have resorted to attacking anyone who is willing to stand with Trump and the American working class.

The first causality, General Mike Flynn, was feared by the Intel community, and this week the shadow government took aim at newly posted Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Presumably, the next target will be Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; plus it appears Congress is now hedging its bets by delaying and obstructing President Trump’s cabinet from confirmation. Such conduct is not just shameful — it threatens the will of the people to choose the trajectory of the country against the ill-intentioned “Establishment.”

Never mind that the people have spoken, that won’t be enough, the people must continue to stand together and repel the onslaught of those miscreants who suck the life from the Constitutional government of the people and steal its wealth for their personal gain.

The battle began on November 8th with a resounding victory, but the people were unaware that a new war against the “Establishment” began in earnest. To regain control of the government, Americans cannot take off their packs or lay down their resolve. Like all warriors on a dangerous battlefield, we must stay vigilant, adapt and overcome.

Our individual and collective freedoms are at stake. As Ben Franklin reportedly said, “if we do not hang together we will definitely hang apart.”

Semper fi, Colonel sends


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