Swamp Monsters

“Drain the Swamp” was intended to be more than a campaign slogan; it was a call to action to rid our government of the obstructionists, self-interest, and warmongers. But these swamp monsters are tough to overcome. They are so embedded in the very fabric of our political society from politicians and parties to bureaucrats, contractors, and lobbyists that re-education camps maybe the only answer – since firing squads are frowned upon.

Regrettably, not all the swamp monsters are red, some are such chameleons that it is really difficult to identify them for re-education. Many of the swamp monsters are blue and hold high-level positions such as Senate Majority leader and Speaker of the House.

The GOP itself is no longer a political party, it is a collection of misfits that have lost sight of Republican ideals of fiscal conservatism, fair taxes, the preservation of individual freedoms as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, and, the promotion of American products and trade. Fair trade and American products serve as American ambassadors to the world that lead people to want to be more like Americans. The quality, durability and fair pricing of American products made us the envy of the manufacturing world.

Then the globalists came along and decided the best thing for the world would be to lower the wages of Americans to Third World levels because the Third World could not compete with American ingenuity and quality. So we jumped into NAFTA and allowed products Hecho en Mexico to be imported duty-free into the US, except most of the products were made in Asia and assembled or had some minimal value added operation in Mexico to qualify for NAFTA’s tariff-free import. Mexico prospered because foreign companies built plants and assembly operations in Mexico and exported products at Asian and Mexican labor rates that competed direct with American workers.

The big competition problem for American companies and American workers is that American companies are held to higher environmental and worker safety standards, as well as privately paid medical care and retirement programs, that the Asian and Mexican countries completely disregard. To drive a final nail in our collective coffins, the NAFTA “free traders” sell these cheaply made foreign products in the US at US retail prices! We do not receive the cost benefit of cheap labor and relaxed environmental standards, the companies that have moved off shore do, their bottoms lines have swollen on the backs of American labor.

Have you noticed year-after-year the financial magazines report the shift in wealth from the people to a few dozen multi-gazillionaires worldwide. Believe me, no one believes in competition and survival of the fittest than me, but the governments of the world have so tipped the scales against competition by picking favorites (Read: banks, pharmaceuticals, and defense, to name a few) from which trillions of dollars of American taxes are transferred from the people to the elites every day.

Unfortunately for the ruling class, Mr. Trump, a billionaire himself, comes along and says the globalists are wrong and American workers are getting a major league shave. He wants to “Drain the Swamp” of those who would put the interests of themselves and their friends above America and Americans. His message resonated with a resounding defeat of “the Establishment” and the hemorrhaging of US jobs and wealth.

But there are always at least two sides to every story, for Mr. Trump the other side of the story is the embedded elites aka “the Establishment,” that is just not going to rollover and watch the trillion dollar pay days come to an end.

The Establishment is fighting as Winston Churchill demanded of the Brits during the Battle of Briton, “… we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender …” The swamp monsters have modified Churchill’s call somewhat, “we shall disrupt town halls, we shall publish fake news, we shall violate laws to eavesdrop, we shall file lawsuits …”

Incredibly, my colleague Kimberly Dvorak is publishing this hour, an incredible piece exposing the extent of the swamp monsters reach from George Soros to Barak Obama.

It seems that Soros/Obama have mobilized millions of lost souls looking for the promised land of Marx, Lenin, and Bernie Sanders, where everything is free, except your speech, press, religion, right to bear arms, unreasonable search and seizure, self-incrimination, etc. Under what misconception are these people laboring that they would work with such vigor to reestablish a system that has taken their freedoms, their jobs, their wealth, and subjected them to a lifetime sentence of living with their parents and worrying about student debt?

Hopefully, these warriors of the ultra-rich will stop, take a breath as Judge Ito used to say, and examine the FACTS not the inflammatory rhetoric. Open borders and sanctuary cities cost tens of billions of dollars per year to finance. Couldn’t we put that money to better use, say, for example, creating good-paying, meaningful jobs, right here in America?

I would say the logic escapes me, but, of course, there is no logic. The only answer is to Drain the Swamp and set our priorities on rebuilding America because without an America the world will definitely be much the poorer. God bless America.

Semper fi, Colonel sends



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