The General Disaster

Having met Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, when my colleague, Kimberly Dvorak, interviewed him in Cleveland (view interview here), I was saddened to learn of his resignation. Whatever he did not fully disclose to VP Pence, I am sure his reasons were innocent. He is a patriot, soldier, and man of integrity, but he was unprepared for the assault against him by the Pentagon and the press. The press, for crying out loud, attacks Ms. Conway for liking Ivanka Trump fashions. What happened to the March for Women? Isn’t Ivanka a successful businesswoman, mother, daughter, wife, etc. etc.

Anyway, General Flynn deviated from the Military-Industrial Complex crowd in Washington, which made him a highly visible target of Russian détente. The elites of Washington know that ISIS is not a sustainable enemy and that it will meet its well-deserved defeat in a direct confrontation with US and NATO forces. But the defeat of ISIS will not end terrorism and the “War on Terror” is not of a magnitude that can justify the trillions of dollars to be spent by the Trump Administration on defense.

To justify those expenditures you need a “real enemy” with staying power and who plays the game of statecraft like the Ruskies in the Cold War.

Thank God for Russians. Everyday the Military-Industrial-Cyber-Intel establishment thanks God for the Russians. They have an army, a navy, an air force, rocket forces, spetznaz special forces, rockets and satellites, and spies. They know how the game is played. They develop weapons systems and we develop counter-weapons systems and vise-versa. Talk about your endless cycles and job security.

ISIS is too small and confined. Sure it is capable of conducting terror ops worldwide, but so is any enemy willing to die for the cause.

General Flynn was the counterpunch to the perpetual war concept of the Military-Industrial Complex. Heck, President Eisenhower warned us of the danger of war for profit 60 years ago.

General Flynn recognized that we have more in common with the Russians than the rest of the Asian Continent. The Middle or Muddle East will continue to transition through despotic leaders based on Islamic fervor, as we are seeing in the transformation of Turkey into a dictatorship that will be fully consolidated in April.

Let’s face it, the major factor that drives US involvement in the Mid-East is Israel. We can try to couch our arguments for interventionism in terms relative to weapons of mass destruction, nation building, and fighting terrorism, but it’s all about Israel.

The Russians are the Israeli bogeyman for working with Iran, Turkey, and the Islamic ‘stans that border Russia. So relaxing of hostility towards Russia could lead to a pullback of the US commitment to Israel. So, Russia and everything and everyone that favors opening channels with Russia must be marginalized.

Middle East oil is not such a major factor to Europe and the West as it was post World War II. The North Sea, Nordic, Russian, Venezuelan, Canadian, Mexican, and American oil production have shifted the economic focus from the Mid East. Today, most of its oil has pivoted to India and the Far East.

So in an effort to keep us engaged in war, Bush 43, following in the footsteps of Bush 41, initiated war against Iraq, and which the emasculated Obama expanded into Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Everyone who knows anything understood Osama bin Laden’s hatred of America, not for helping the mujahidin in defeating the Russians in Afghanistan, but for basing American armed forces to fight against Saddam Hussein on “sacred soil,” the birthplace of Mohammed in Saudi Arabia.

Besides oil, what does the Middle East offer the world? A life controlled by 7th Century religious and political institutions that seek the destruction of everything else.

So the loss of General Flynn at the president’s ear is the loss of the counter voice to the concept of perpetual war favored by the Military-Industrial Complex. War-weary Americans must now brace for more war in the Mid-East (read –Iran). It ain’t gonna be pretty.

Fair winds and following seas, General Flynn, your measured counsel will be missed.

Semper fi, Colonel sends

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