Migration from hell-Christians left behind

Actions have consequences. And war is no different. The massive migration from the Middle East to Western Europe is nothing more than the result of sustained war in the region. For this America plays a direct role. Make no mistake US bombs are reigning down throughout the Middle East. Whether it’s arming incompetent Iraq soldiers or standing by while radical Islamists remove secular dictators from power. Libya, Egypt and most prominently Syria are good examples of inept foreign policies dating back 20 years.

While American’s turn their eyes away from the TV screen, politicians on a month-long vacation did nothing to lead the world. As for President Obama, his motto appears to carry on like his policies are working when in reality they have done nothing but exacerbate the imploding Middle East. If Obama doesn’t see it, it must not be happening– shame on America for letting him get away with this inaction.

The US is currently participating in xenophobic actions of its own. However, it’s not the Muslims, it’s the Iraqi Christians.  There are currently 70,000 on a waiting list seeking refuge with full sponsorships from relatives and friends in America. AKA, the families will not take welfare, housing or food benefits because their families will take care of them, kinda like the current US immigration laws are supposed to require. Of course the political class overlooks the immigration laws already on the books, and turn a blind eye to millions of displaced refugees in an effort to retain their power in Washington DC.

So far the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has paved the way for 300,000 Muslims to join families in the US without assurances that the taxpayer will end up footing the bill. Juxtapose the “Iraqi Christians’’ who are escaping almost certain genocide and the administration has jailed some for more than six months. Most would say that’s what happens when you cross the border illegally, except these Iraqis turned themselves in to border officials.

Efforts to secure their release have met with polite handshakes from politicians and little media coverage. And when Minority Humanitarian Foundation’s founder Mark Arabo staged a protest, he was told to stop creating the uproar. Arabo’s attempt to shine the light on this issue earned the Christian detainees more detention. The US government bureaucrats decided retaliate against the Christians, according to attorneys who have been warned not to talk to the media or their clients will pay the price.

The world agrees there’s a refugee problem, but what they fail to recognize it’s a problem of there own making. Why aren’t these refugees trekking to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Israel or Kuwait? Turkey and Jordan have taken the lion’s share of refugees and as a result those countries are struggling to stay afloat.

In Syria alone, nine million have been displaced and are considered refugees (Syria’s prewar population was 23 million). Many are making the dangerous trek to Western Europe to resettle. There is nothing left for them at home, bombs have flattened a once thriving secular country, the Syria they knew is gone forever.

If Middle East countries are mortified by the terror blazing through the region like a California wildfire, why aren’t they fighting? Why aren’t they caring for the millions that are displaced? For the most part they share traditions, language and regional location.

Perhaps more dubious is America’s reaction to the Iraqi Christians. With WWll’s Nazi concentration camps, Bosnian and Rwandan genocide in the rearview mirror, how can America sit by and prevent those, lucky enough to survive death from ISIS, from resettling with their families at no taxpayer cost?

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