Boys that reject ISIS suffer gruesome mutilation

While Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continues its documented rampage on Christian girls turning them into sex slaves, new reporting has uncovered the fate of teenage boys. The radical Islamic jihadis force captured teenaged boys onto the battlefield to face death, or become a suicide bomber or face amputations before screaming crowds. The targeting of children dates back centuries, but the latest grisly storyline emerges from NBC’ Richard Engel reporting highlights just how brutal Middle East war is for non-Muslim teenage boys captured by the ISIS terror network. ISIS also follows the “take no prisoner” approach by terrorizing all who oppose them if they do not embraced the barbaric acts completely devoid of any respect for human life.

The newly detained boys, according to Engel, leave few options for the boys after torture. The boys can either fight alongside ISIS after indoctrination camp or they can elect brainwashing camp. The boys are introduced to the glory of martyrdom, which is filmed and later used for propaganda purposes. Some choose to run—and if caught, the jihadis chop off their right hand (the clean hand in Islam) and left foot. This tactic leaves the victims with a permanent unclean stigma that will shame them for life.

Of course, the terrorists highlight their humanity by publically showing the care taken to avoid infection prior to the gruesome act by using a tourniquet, and dousing the area to be severed with iodine, and having a doctor present to quickly stitch-up the open wounds. The town square demonstrations are carried out by an Iraqi aptly named the “Bulldozer,” who chops off the limb with a hearty “Allah Akbar,” God is great.

Unfortunately, the horrific act of disfiguring boys is another reminder that life in the Middle East under ISIS is a nightmare for non-Muslims and women and children pay a hefty price.

“Mohammed, 14, uses a wheelchair to move around the tiny apartment where he lives in the Turkish city of Sanliurfa with his brother and a friend of the family who acts as his nurse,” Engel’s report noted. “ISIS chopped off Mohammed’s right hand and left foot two weeks ago. ISIS tried to turn Mohammed into a child soldier. The group disfigured him because he refused to cooperate.”

The interviews were conducted in Turkey with the help of Syrian advocates as well as a former ISIS leader who defected in order to reveal the latest horrors involved in creating the newest version of the Hitler youth.

Some teenagers spoke about their days before capture as well as life inside ISIS prisons. Mohammed (his true identity was not revealed for security reasons) was a spotter, helping the Syrian rebels target ISIS. “First we were going to (anti-government) demonstrations. Later on we got armed with the Free (Syrian) Army, and we fought the (Bashar) al-Assad regime for three years.”

But as fate would have it the power transferred last year in eastern Syria. ISIS’ easy victory over the Iraqi army in Mosul left the terrorists with 2,000-plus US Humvees, a treasure trove of American arsenal and the wherewithal to dominate eastern Syria, bulldozing its competition. “I stayed at home for seven months,” Mohammed said. “Later on, ISIS started arresting members of the Free (Syrian) Army. One of the detainees told them that I was also member.”

Once arrested, boys were locked in ISIS jails for couple of months. He explained that everyone is tortured with beatings and electric shocks to their genitals. “Many people died there. No water, no electricity. They provided water twice a day. We used the toilet once a day,” he told NBC. The one’s who survived were sent to indoctrination camp, where they could join the child soldiers that ISIS’ dubbed the caliphate cubs.

A call to the glory of martyrdom is a part of the brainwashing. “They asked us, ‘Who wants to be a martyr?’ One of the boys who was with us, he was 12 years old. He blew himself up in an area called Haditha (in Iraq),” another escaped child soldier explained.

Both boys related that ISIS’ targets boys to generate a steady stream of new radicals.“They are fooling children with money,” Mohammed says. “They are fooling them to bomb themselves. They give a boy some money, or a bicycle, and after two days they take him in a car to bomb himself. They target children the most. They focus on children, because children are unaware of anything in this life.”

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