Obama trained insurgents launch killing spree against Iraq then turn to Syria

June 24, 2014

A senior intelligence official disclosed to this reporter that the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) includes terrorists, and based on prior reports, the jihadi group has been equipped and financed by the U.S., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and the Emirate of Qatar purportedly for war against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

However, something went wrong with the President’s plan over the last few weeks as ISIS launched its sustained attack from rebel-controlled bases in Syria and government supported bases in Turkey.

To confound matters even more, both KSA and Qatar warned the U.S. against any intervention against ISIS, which has allowed ISIS to move freely across the great expanses of desert on the Baghdad-Damascus Road to attack and return to Syria with the spoils of war – U.S. made Humvees and tanks.

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Over the weekend House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers complained that inaction by Obama to deny ISIS the unfettered use of the Baghdad-Damascus Road to launch attacks against Iraq and to return to its bases in Syria is a ratification of U.S. support for the Sunni dominated terrorists seeking to remove Shiite President Assad of Syria and Shiite President Maliki of Iraq. Is it just coincidence that ISIS is also heavily supported by KSA and Qatar?

The actions by ISIS appears to be an escalation of the Sunni-Shiite battle for dominance of the Islamic world and seems headed towards a broader war to include Jordan, Turkey, Kurdistan (autonomous region of Iraq), Iran and eventually Israel.

The U.S. has been training insurgents for war against Syria to topple the regime of President Assad, whom President Obama emphatically said must go. The U.S. through the intelligence agencies and its contractors, are working in concert with NATO member and Euro wannabe Turkey. Turkish officials reported that the Erdogan government has been arming and equipping the anti-Assad insurgency which has now graduated from a local movement to a full-fledged jihadist terrorist war.

Despite campaign promises to the contrary, President Obama’s claims that he was only providing humanitarian support to rebels in Syria seem disingenuous. Now we learn that Ambassador Susan Rice admits the U.S. has been trafficking weapons (against the UN embargo) and the government has been training jihadis!

Back in the U.S.

On Thursday President Obama addressed Iraq’s deteriorating conditions on the ground from the White House Press briefing room. “We’ve been meeting regularly to review the situation since ISIL (ISIS), a terrorist organization that operates in Iraq and Syria, made advances inside of Iraq. As I said last week, ISIL poses a threat to the Iraqi people, to the region, and to U.S. interests.”

While the President made it clear that no ground troops would return to the war torn country, multiple senior U.S. government officials have said repeatedly that America is working to assist the moderate opposition rebels in Syria.
Ratifying an intelligence community leak, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) put it bluntly; “We have been arming ISIS in Syria.”

Paul, a GOP presidential hopeful, slammed those in the government for not recognizing the ISIS threat earlier. Instead Paul asserts the U.S. has quietly trained and armed the radical Muslims in a not so successful attempt to overthrow elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “That is the real contradiction to this whole policy,” he said. “If we were to get rid of Assad, it would become a jihadist wonderland in Syria.”

The intelligence community insists they have not dropped the ball and continue to warn/inform the appropriate congressional leadership in order to follow President Obama’s foreign policy directives. But this doesn’t fully explain the sudden explosion of ISIS into Iraq and their motives.

Strategically speaking, the ISIS offensive in Iraq doubles as a resupply mission. Further confirming the ISIS jihadist did not intend to take Baghdad is the fact Humvees they stole in Mosul, Iraq have already shown up on the Syrian battlefield. Keeping this in mind, the world may not be shocked if Russia steps up its deadly military arsenal sales to the Assad regime in the coming days.

Back in Iraq experts say the country will descend into sectarian (Sunni-Shiite) war leaving the northern Kurds to beg the UN for nation status.

Regime change train has consequences

A potential side effect of the Obama regime change train is Jordan. The Hashemite Kingdom has traditionally served as buffer for Israel by preventing hardcore jihadists from wreaking havoc against America’s strongest Middle East ally. But a significant influx of wartime refugees has strained Jordan’s sovereignty. According to the UN Refugee Agency, Jordan is home to 1.5 million Palestinian, Syrian, Sudan and now Iraqi refugees.

Knowing the perilous position, Jordan’s King Abdullah trekked to the president’s Rancho Mirage hideaway in southern California to meet President Obama earlier this year. The King’s visit paid off and Obama reassured Abdullah the U.S. remained a staunch ally and gave the King a billion dollars to stabilize its fragile political climate.

But what was the quid pro quo?

Last March, the German weekly Der Spiegel claimed Americans were training Syrian rebels in Jordan. Military personnel involved in the training have also quietly voiced their reluctance.

According to Reuters, approximately 1,200 “moderate rebels” from the Free Syrian Army have been U.S.-trained in two camps in the region. “Jordanian intelligence services are involved in the program, which aims to build around a dozen units totaling some 10,000 fighters. However, excluding radical Islamists proves to be difficult. It’s been reported that the U.S. uses some sort of facial recognition to minimize negative recruiting.

“The Jordanian intelligence services want to prevent Salafists (radical Islamists) crossing from their own country into Syria and then returning later to stir up trouble in Jordan itself,” one of the organizers told the German publication.

The Guardian newspaper also confirmed U.S. trainers were assisting Syrian rebels in Jordan and Turkey.


Adding to growing concerns of a major regional conflict is the Israeli factor. According to the Associated Press, “Israeli warplanes bombed a series of targets inside Syria early Monday. The Israeli military said, in response to a cross-border attack that killed an Israeli teenager the previous day.” This is the first known confrontation between the two counties since Syria’s Civil War broke out. Israel claimed their retaliatory strikes hit nine Syrian military targets. If this tension boils over the question is will the U.S. go to war for Israel?

What are the ramifications if the U.S. does not address the ISIS momentum in Iraq? And is the war weary public and the U.S. military ready to reenter Iraq?

Check back tomorrow for part two.

Obama’s Regime change train stops in Ukraine: http://www.examiner.com/article/obama-s-regime-change-train-stops-ukraine

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