Cracks Appear in Benghazi Wall of Shame

April 30, 2013

Special Operator in Benghazi blows the whistle on Obama’s Libya failure

Benghazi roared back into the headlines with the allegations by a Special Operations Warrior, who witnessed that fateful night of 9/11. The whistleblower, appearing in disguise for fear of retaliation, made an appearance on Special Report with Bret Baier, where he contradicted the Obama administration’s account of Benghazi and leveled serious allegations that the military had assets in the region that were never deployed.

The Special Operator (SO) disputed Admiral Mike Mullen’s statement that “there simply was not enough time” to deploy assets to Benghazi to save at least two SEALs lives. The Fox News source implied that other SOs knew intimate details that would derail high-level commanders. More specifically, the whistle blower said, “there were at least 15 special forces and highly skilled State Department security staff available in Tripoli (Libya) that were not dispatched, even though they were trained as a quick response force.”

After 13 investigative stories written by this reporter, the truth finally bubbling to the surface could become a torrent as additional sources have expressed an eagerness to talk.

While the SecDef Leon Panetta, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, and his predecessor Admiral Mike Mullen defended the President’s outrageous assertion that no U.S. military forces were situated to render aid despite the U.S. Comptroller reporting the government has spent $7 trillion on defense during 2001-2012, suggests it must be the Keystone Cops running the Pentagon (not the pipeline).

President Obama rejected a War Powers Act accounting from Congress and told Americans that his administration would not put boots on the ground in Libya (he did) and claimed the U.S. would only provide humanitarian aid to Syria (while he violated the UN sanction against military aid by trafficking weapons from Libya to Syria).

A question that perplexes military personnel is the Cavalry never arrived in Benghazi despite President Obama’s claim that he ordered DoD to render all available aid. Looking back to other crises like Somalia (aka Black Hawk Down) the U.S. lost 18 soldiers trying to recover two bodies; Lt. General William Boykin said … the same is true for the pilot that went “Down Behind Enemy Lines,” where a Marine platoon and aircraft searched for days to recover Air Force pilot Scott O’Grady; and more recently Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who was the “Sole Survivor” of his team operating in Afghanistan (his team came under fire by the Taliban. Luttrell was the only survivor and his rescue cost 16 Special Forces personnel, including 8 SEALs, their lives.) The military’s “never leave a soldier behind” code stood tall until September 11, 2012’s Benghazi terror attack that claimed four lives, Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens, DoS Information Officer Sean Smith as well as two former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

The SEALs didn’t have to die

If before going to bed, President Obama did order the U.S. military to render all available aid to Benghazi, where is the memorandum to that effect and the copy of the Flash that went to all ships and stations (link to Denver TV reporter asking the President about the order) and the responses from the defense establishment supporting the statement that not one unit could get a plane, ship, or unit on the move. The report states that, “The President, as Commander-in-Chief, failed to proactively anticipate the significance of September 11 and provide the Department of Defense with the authority to launch offensive operations beyond self-defense.”

While there was no shortage of second-guessing in the White House Situation Room, military leaders in charge of quick response teams a half-a-world away were able to get a Delta team from Ft Bragg to Sigonella about 24 hours after receipt of the consulate’s 911 call.

“As the events were unfolding, the Pentagon began to move special operations forces from Europe to Sigonella Naval Air Station in Sicily. U.S. aircraft routinely fly in and out of Sigonella and there are also fighter jets based in Aviano, Italy. But while the U.S. military was at a heightened state of alert because of 9/11, there were no American forces poised and ready to move immediately into Benghazi when the attack began,” the Military Times reported.

It’s also been reported that on the fateful day in Libya, CIA/SEALs had a laser target designator trained on the enemy firing mortar rounds at the compound. The Pentagon has listed numerous explanations as to why the trained SEALs would use the lasers. However, they conveniently omitted the key component—the expectation that U.S. help was seconds away. The “fog of spin” from the Obama administration, no matter how creative, cannot conceal the truth. If fighter aircraft were dispatched to assist Ambassador Chris Stevens and other consulate personnel, a former Naval pilot says, “The paper trail would be a mile long. Not only do the pilots have to file logbook reports, but the ground crew, the crew arming the jets with appropriate weapons and the Italian air controllers would have exhaustive records.”

Unfortunately for the CIA/SEALs fighting off the Ansar al-Shariah terrorists, the jets would never arrive. The fact, CIA/SEALs were painting their lasers on the enemy targets shortly after midnight, five hours before their eventual deaths, indicates they were expecting air support. And why would they be waiting for air support? Because the trained SEALs knew the oplans (operations plans) and military protocol for this exact operation once they requested the assistance.

Speculation is nothing new inside the beltway, but several questions surround Ambassador Chris Stevens real/past employer. If he were working as a CIA agent he would be in violation of international diplomatic protocols by running an arms trafficking program under diplomatic cover (CIA Director David Petaeus was sacked after the election). Furthermore, former Tripoli Military Council head, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, claims Amb. Stevens was killed in retaliation for the drone killing by the CIA of Abu Yahya al-Libi, al-Qaeda’s Number 2.

Judge Napolitano offered this scenario to the Washington Times. “Now we can connect some dots. If Stevens was a CIA agent, he was in violation of international law by acting as the U.S. ambassador. And if he and his colleagues were intelligence officials, they are not typically protected by Marines, because they ought to have been able to take care of themselves.”

The Benghazi disaster takes a political angle, one that could have derailed President Obama’s reelection. Normally international gun trafficking is a crime, but sadly, Benghazi, Libya was just another U.S. sanctioned-weapons buyback program operated by State and run by the CIA. Under the plan, the U.S. pays jihadists large sums of money to turn in their stolen arsenals and then ships them to the new battle area (i.e., Syria). It appears that Ambassador Stevens acted as a point man to move those newly-repurchased weapons into the hands of Syrian rebels, many of whom are affiliated with al-Qaeda.

This made for Hollywood movie script includes all the action, violence and drama required for today’s bloodthirsty audience—except it is real. The State Department provided the Benghazi mission with the diplomatic cover, or the comprehensive alibi required for the Central Intelligence Agency to operate covertly in the jihadi-rich North African region.

Only the transparent Obama Administration has all of the facts, but it seems loath to provide the answers the American people and the families of those killed deserve.

All these details and more are covered in the most in-depth story “Did the CIA and State Department run illegal arms trafficking in Benghazi?” that was written December 10, 2012.

In conclusion, readers may want to reread Benghazi, Next Stop A Special Prosecutor

Check back for updates from the Pentagon later in the day.

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All these details and more are covered in the most in-depth story “Did the CIA and State Department run illegal arms trafficking in Benghazi?” that was written December 10, 2012.

In conclusion, readers may want to reread Benghazi, Next Stop A Special Prosecutor

Check back for updates from the Pentagon later in the day.

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