Benghazi – Next Stop – a Special Prosecutor

Feb 20, 2013

An explicit 48-page UN document specifically states that weapons cannot be transferred to members of terror groups like al-Qaeda, yet numerous reports find the United States was violating a binding UN arms embargo by trafficking weapons to Syrian rebels. This reporter and major media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and cable news networks all confirm U.S. arms trafficking was taking place in the jihad rich region of eastern Libya.

Keeping those facts in mind, did President Obama issue a Presidential Finding to authorize a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) covert operation to purchase Gaddafi’s large weapons arsenal that went missing after his assassination and then move those weapons to Syrian rebels? In April 2012 Russia alleged America was secretly arming rebels with anti-aircraft missiles in violation of international law and was responsible for destabilizing the Middle East region.

Despite the Finding issue, Obama insisted during the 2012 presidential debates and to this day that the United States is only providing humanitarian aid to Syrian rebels, including al-Qaeda jihadists. Last week Fox News spoke with the number two leader in the Syrian opposition, Col. Malik al-Kurdi, who acknowledged that al-Qaeda is fighting side-by-side with rebels to overthrow Dictator Bashar al-Assad.

However, in a break with the President’s public posture, President Obama’s senior national security staff including, Secretary of Defense, Panetta, Secretary of State, Clinton, Chairman of the Joint Staff, General Martin Dempsey, and top-spook General David Petraeus, all admitted favoring the arming of Syrian rebels.

So, “what difference does it make?” With a Presidential Finding, the U.S. is in violation of the UN arms embargo it supported and signed, and, without a Finding, the CIA was conducting a rogue operation in Benghazi and Syria.

An outspoken critic of the Benghazi affair is Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin, US Army (ret) told this reporter there was sufficient evidence to support a covert action program supplying weapons to the Syrian resistance movement. “I think it merits some serious investigation… let me be clear, a covert action is legal as long as they go through the proper process and the process starts with a Finding from the President. It then requires a briefing to at least eight members of Congress to tell them we are taking this covert action to further U.S. policy. I’m personally opposed to supplying the rebel forces in Syria because were equipping the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.”

General Boykin further clarified the covert CIA operation would explain the State Department’s weapon buyback program. “If that’s what they were doing rather than buying new weapons on the open market we (U.S. government would) try to get some of those back and we have the perfect place (from which) to move them which is Benghazi. Why else would there have been a CIA annex there, what was it for?”

Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons concurs with General Boykin and says this international incident screams out for a special prosecutor.

“The only way were going to get the truth is if one of the House committees has the courage to order a special prosecutor and call these people in and put them under oath because we haven’t been able to even interview the people (the survivors of the Benghazi attack) that were freed from there,” Admiral Lyons said in a telephone interview. “We know Ambassador Stevens was a facilitator between the militias between Benghazi and Syria who are both al-Qaeda affiliated. In any case this makes Iran-Contra look like child’s play. You know that this operation had to come from the highest levels. There’s no question it came from the White House and we are not going to get the truth until we get a special prosecutor.”

Washington innuendo also suggests the President made a Finding for the covert operation or at least was aware of it because of his sudden distancing himself from the events during and following the Benghazi attack. The President claims he did not participate in the real-time tracking of the attack, nor did he inquire at anytime in the hours or days following the attack as to the status of the Americans under siege and ultimately murdered.

CIA Director Petraeus was also conspicuously absent after the attack for a reason. The former disgraced general wrote the modern-day counterinsurgency field manual (COIN) for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Additionally, Petraeus’ COIN tactics led him to leadership of the CIA. The circumstantial evidence suggests Petraeus assured President Obama that nothing would go wrong in Libya to affect the 2012 re-election. However, when the covert arms trafficking op went sideways, the President must have been furious and fired Petraeus, but he would keep him around until the election concluded. The General’s (open secret with reporters) extramarital affair was a mere alibi for his firing and to preserve Obama’s plausible denial defense.

As for the misleading advocacy of Ambassador Rice, the change of the CIA briefing notes, the refusal to make the Benghazi survivors available to Congress, the 23 of days it took for the FBI to open its investigation, the lack of DoD back-up, the trickle of conflicting and confusing information and blame for an anti-Mohammad YouTube video all but ensured the waters would be muddied for anyone seeking the truth about the murders of U.S. diplomats.

The tragic loss of four Americans that September night in 2012 was not just a result of the risk diplomats run in a dangerous world, it was the result of a retaliatory strike against Ambassador Stevens and botched CIA operation. In either event, whether authorized by the President or not, the American people are entitled to the truth and those at fault to be held accountable. That is only possible, as Admiral Lyons demands, through the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate.

Ms. Clinton’s famous remarks during her January 2013 testimony to Congress, “What difference does it make?” only further highlights the need for a special prosecutor.

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